Cute Mehndi Design for Kids

Here is something for cute and angelic hands. Cute mehandi design for kids. Don't let your little angels hand go blank this festive season. Attractive arabic design can bring out the sublime beauty and Awesome Indian mehandi design would definitely be a piece of design for your innocent little sweaty pie. Don't wait another second to decorate their cute little hands and legs with cute mehandi design and pattern.

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Mehandi Designs for Legs 1

Mehndi Designs for Legs

Mehandi is a significant part of all customs and traditions of India. Women of all ages are fond of applying mehandi. Applying mehandi on legs not only provides charm but also enhances the features and provides an enticing art. Graceful mehandi design for legs can be of various styles like Indian or Arabic which is truly a piece of admiration. So go ahead and enhance your legs with authentic mehandi design and add to the grace and charm.

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Incredible Mehandi Design 1

Incredible Mehndi Design

Far all those who loves to explore with mehandi design, there is a new range for all age groups, In this new era of style we bring out the latest awesome mehandi design, Mehandi designs both Arabic and Indian, with a new edge could be appreciated. SO why wait when the latest and appealing mehandi design are out in town. Do not leave your hands blank, color them mehandi, let the color get more deeper and flaunt the intensity of your love.

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Mehndi Designs for Hands Legs and more

Every Indian girl is acquainted with the word mehandi.The magical heena paste spreading colour,vigour and beauty on a womens skin.Mehandi is derived from the Sanskrit word mehandika.The mehandi symbolizes inner and outer SUN.Mehandi is actually vedic customs and rituals.

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Marathi Mehandi Design 1

Marathi Mehndi Design

Mehandi is a traditional art in which we design our hands and sometimes feet using heena. Marathi mehndi design though not hat popular around the northern side of the country are equally rich in texture and patterns like the other forms of mehndi design. Marathi mehndi design are like the other traditional mehndi designs inspired from the culture of marathi. there is use of different colors in this style.

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Marwari Mehanadi Design 1

Marwari Mehndi Design

The humorously popular art of mehndi design originated in south east Asia around 500 years ago. Mehndi designing is like creating a temporary tattoo. It is beautiful to look at and totally hassle free. One of the popular patterns of mehndi design in india is marwari mehndi design. In marwari design, the tradition and culture of Rajasthan reflects.

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Gujrati mehandi design 1

Gujrati Mehndi Design

Gujrati mehandi design The land of fafras and dokla is equally known for it's mehandi designs. The pattern of gujrati mehndi is very extravagant with elaborate patterns. the designs are rich in color and texture suitable for all occasions especially the weddings. gujrati mehndi designs have one of the most beautiful bridal designs. There are many patterns for the brides to be some cluttered and some simpler than the other. Gujrati mehndi design uses a lot of peacock pattern, chequered pattern, floral mehandi designs and a very special design of bangles.

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